What is an Amicable Divorce?

If you choose an Amicable Divorce, you and your spouse both agree to utilize attorneys who are members of the Amicable Divorce Network. This is a structured process that leads a divorcing couple through the process of divorce without requiring them to throw stones at each other in a courtroom. This is not necessarily an uncontested divorce (meaning that you’ve already reached an agreement on all of the issues). Rather, you both agree to focus your efforts on ensuring full disclosure regarding your assets and debts, and to place your children’s (if applicable) best interests at the center of your negotiations. Your attorneys will bring in additional experts as needed, but only the experts that your specific case needs, which could include mediators, mental health professionals, financial experts, mortgage experts or real estate experts, who are all a part of the network and have been vetted to ensure they are solutions-focused, seasoned professionals. The goal of the Amicable Divorce is to keep your costs as reasonable as possible and to resolve your case completely before filing with the Court to obtain a final order.

Kristine Fletcher is a Certified Divorce Professional, having participated in the specialized training offered by the Network. She also obtained her Gray Divorce Specialized Designation, in order to better assist families managing divorce as they approach retirement. Those experiencing divorce during the retirement years face unique financial and emotional challenges, and Kristine Fletcher is equipped to serve families in that unique space.

Kristine Fletcher also serves as a mediator as a part of her affiliation with the Amicable Divorce Network.

If this is a process that is of interest to you, you can find a list of other Divorce Professionals to provide to your spouse here. If you are not sure if this is the right process for you, please reach out for a consultation, and Kristine Fletcher will help you decide what process is right for you.