Book Mediation

Mediation is a facilitated conversation between two people with the goal of resolving a case, often before it is even filed with the Courts. In family law cases, parties can mediate at any stage of the process, including before they file, after they file, or even after the case has been to a temporary hearing. In Cherokee County, parties to family law cases are required to participate in mediation prior to going to a final hearing before a judge. Kristine Fletcher serves as a neutral party, facilitating a detailed discussion regarding their priorities in their family law case. Whether they are divorcing and negotiating the details of their first parenting plan or how to determine alimony or division of assets, or one party is seeking a modification of custody or child support, parties can schedule time to mediate with Kristine Fletcher to determine together the best way to decide parenting issues, division of debts and assets, and how support will be calculated. This can be done in one session or multiple sessions, depending on the wishes of the parties. 

Kristine Fletcher believes mediation offers a unique opportunity to assist people looking to minimize costs and minimize discord as they face challenging family law issues. The issues facing your family are not the same as the issues your neighbor has faced, and mediation offers an opportunity to craft a nuanced agreement that serves your unique family, rather than a cookie cutter form. Often, with Kristine’s assistance, parties are able to reach a settlement that serves everyone’s needs and eliminates the need for ongoing litigation. Kristine Fletcher frequently mediates cases where parties are not represented by attorneys. 

Once an agreement is reached, if both parties are unrepresented, Kristine Fletcher will draft a memorandum of the settlement agreement reached. One spouse may then hire an attorney to prepare the documents that are needed to finalize the agreement before the Court as an uncontested divorce, or the parties may be able to prepare the documents themselves. Both spouses may choose to have the agreement reviewed by their own attorney prior to signing the agreement.

Kristine Fletcher serves as a mediator for both represented and unrepresented parties. Attorneys may contact Kristine Fletcher at [email protected] or 678-880-4023 to schedule mediation at her office or theirs.